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Buddhist Scriptures

Posted on 26/02/2013
1. Buddha prophesised the advent of a Maitreya:   A) Almost all Buddhist books contain this prophecy. It is in Chakkavatti Sinhnad Suttanta D. III, 76: "There will arise in the world a Buddha named Maitreya (the benevolent one) a holy one, a supreme one, an enlightened one, endowed with wisdom in conduct, auspiciou...
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Buddhist Scriptures
Posted on 24/02/2013
Gautama Buddha was the founder of Buddhism. His original name was Siddharth (meaning one who has accomplished). He was also called Sakyamuni, i.e. the sage of the tribe of Sakya. He was born in the year 563 B.C. in the village of Lumbini near Kapila Vastu, within the present borders of Nepal. According to legend, an astrologer foretold his father,...
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