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Evolution Refuted

The Fossil Record Refutes Evolution
Posted on 24/02/2013
Contrary to evolutionists’ expectations, fossil records provide proof of Creation, not evolution of species.According to the theory of evolution, every living species has sprung from a predecessor.  A previously-existing species turned into ‘something else’ with time and all species have come into being in this wa...
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Creationism, Evolution, Intelligent Design or Islam?
Posted on 24/02/2013
What Islam teaches about the origin of life.Creationism, natural selection, intelligent design, the theory of evolution.  Thinking about the creation of the world, the universe, and humankind can be confusing.  There are theories, opinions,  and beliefs that state that the creation of the universe was a random...
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Darwinism's Contradiction with Religion
Posted on 23/02/2013
In our day, some circles hold the view that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution does not contradict with religion, and that those who renounce the theory of evolution unnecessarily promote it. This view, however, includes many misconceptions. It is the result of a failure to grasp the main tenet of Darwinism and the extreme...
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