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Less Hating More Educating - December 2013 Campaign

The Qur'an Project is marking December as a month of LESS HATING MORE EDUCATING - READ THE QUR'AN TODAY!

During the month of December there shall be a number of campaigns happening nationwide including:
  • Major billboard at Euston Station, London
  • Billboards at various locations in Slough
  • Billboards in Bristol
  • Billboard in Manchester
  • Newspaper Advertisements in Slough
  • Roadshow exhibitions in Birmingham, Slough and London. [insha-Allah]
It is rather ironic that many people who are at the fore front of attacking Islam are the very same people who have never read the Qur'an - Richard Dawkins being a recent prominent example.

How you can take advantage of this month campaign:
  1. Speak to a non-Muslim work collegue, neighbour or someone you study with and introduce them to the Qur'an.
  2. Logon to - and order someone you know a copy - you provide the postal details - we will then deliver it straight to them [insha-Allah]
Please forward this to as many people as you can so that we have thousands of Muslims speaking to non-Muslims about the Qur'an.

Do your part and SHARE!!!!!


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