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Be part of the Qur'anic Revolution
Posted on 06/03/2016
Following a number of years in the making, Qur'an Wikipedia is now live What is Qur'an Wiki?Qur'an Wiki aims to serve as a central repository of the best data available relating to every Ayat and Surah of the Qur'an. It is a global effort to enhance our understanding of Divine Speech. We are building o...
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What are the different names Allah [swt] gives to the Qur’an
Posted on 07/10/2015
Imam Suyuti has listed 55 names of the Qur’an given by the Qur’an itself. Amongst them are:1. Al-Qur’an [that which is recited]2. Al-Kitab [written down]3. Kareem [most noble]4. KalamAllah [speech of Allah]5. Nur [ light in amidst a world of darkness]6. Huda [guidance away from the path of misguidance]7. Rahmah [mercy from Him]8. Al-Furqan [C...
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An Introduction to Quranic Sciences
Posted on 08/01/2014
The literal meaning of tafsir in the Arabic language is to open or to explain, interpret or comment. Technically, the science of tafsir is a branch of knowledge in which the meanings of the Quran are explained and its injunctions and wisdoms are described openly and clearly (al-Burhan). Addressing the Holy Prophet, the Glori...
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